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Located in the town of SONOMA in the heart of California's lovely and historic WINE COUNTRY, we are a general bookstore with a particular focus on contemporary fiction, poetry, children's literature, food, wine and religion. We carry both new and used books and host several author events each week.

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Brown (eBook)


In his dazzling new memoir, Richard Rodriguez reflects on the color brown and the meaning of Hispanics to the life of America today. Rodriguez argues that America has been brown since its inception-since the moment the African and the European met within the Indian eye. But more than simply a book about race, Brown is about America in the broadest sense—a look at what our country is, full of surprising observations by a writer who is a marvelous stylist as well as a trenchant observer and thinker.

About the Author

"The best American essayist."
Village Voice

Richard Rodriguez works as an editor at the Pacific News Service in San Francisco and is a contributing editor for Harper's magazine and the Sunday "Opinion" section of the Los Angeles Times. He appears regularly as an essayist on the NewsHour with Jim Lehrer on PBS.

Praise for Brown…

"The recurrent strands of his thought—family, education, race, sex, California, America, Mexico—gain a new resonance each time and stand, in the end, for the complexity of a whole greater than the sum of its parts." —The New York Times Book Review

"Brown is an elegant, nuanced plea for the individual as the primary force in American life.... But as admirable as it is in its vision, Brown is more intriguing for it honesty about the author's desires and frustrations." —San Francisco Chronicle



Product Details ISBN-13: 9781101161500
Published: Penguin Books, 03/25/2003
Language: en